samedi 6 août 2011

Love Is What You Want

I recently went to see the Tracey Emin retrospective at the Hayward Gallery - 'Love Is What You Want'.

I adore Tracey Emin.  I think her work is beautiful and brave and some of it just hits you in the chest and sticks with you forever; I especially love her way with words and think she's a brilliant writer - all of my favourite pieces of hers are text-based, and I loved her book 'Strangeland'.

I don't like all of her work, but that's OK.  It was the same with this exhibition, as I expected.  I especially loved seeing some of the old stuff from "The Shop" with Sarah Lucas (how I would love to have gone there!), and her classic blankets and neons.

Weirdly, I think I prefer to look at pieces of her work separately, rather than altogether like this.  When I saw one of her neons on my last visit to the Louis Vuitton Maison (darling), I was beside myself with excitement and its impact was huge.  A whole room of them, while it gave a pleasingly seedy dragstrip vibe, I felt diluted their strong individual messages.

That's just me.  Well worth seeing - all sorts of brilliant ideas from a brilliantly unique brain.

Here are my favourite Tracey Emin works.  The first two now live on my fridge, in postcard form, and I was a bit disappointed that the third wasn't available as such.  It was lovely to be able to see them all in real life.

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