vendredi 5 août 2011

Sky High

When I was younger - like, from 21 - 23 basically - I used to wear ridiculously high shoes.  A lot.  most days.  To work, whatever.  I seem to remember I had a pair of TopShop heels that were surprisingly comfortable despite their 5-inch heels, so I bought a pair in pistachio and in caramel and wore them literally to death.

In recent years, my abject laziness, love of an 'un-done' look, and half-hour walk to work has meant that I am now seldom seen out of flats - on nine days out of ten I will wear ballet pumps, occasionally Converse, and any sort of a heel reserved for Very Special Occasions (seriously - weddings and birthdays, and that's about it).  Once you get out of the habit, it's hard to get back into it - it takes a bit of training.

Although my shetland pony proportions are well-publicised (i.e. - I have short, chubby little legs no matter what), I don't tend to get hysterically excited over shoes.  Handbags, yes; dresses, certainly.  Not so much shoes.  I am not one of Those Girls.  i usually have a couple of pairs in rotation, combined with a couple of pairs 'for special' - and that's it.

Until today, it would seem.  My friend Ruth is an avid blog-follower and is a champion at pointing me in the direction of all the super-cool trendy ones that I would never have heard of otherwise.  She sent me a link to one recently - 'Cupcakes and Cashmere', which is an LA-based blogger writing about fashion (her every outfit is amazing - if only I were a leggy blonde who lived in California), recipes and design (her home office makes me weep with envy).

I also found these two shoe-centric pictures that are making me want to spend all my money on sky-high heels, glam myself up and be fabulous forevermore.  For the first time, I am SOLD.  In fact, I'm obsessed.

Look how beautiful!

Other things my new obsession with this blog has made me want to do:
  • A lot of lunges so that I might have the guts to bare my Shetland pony legs occasionally.
  • Have a beautiful flat.
  • Entertain more in said beautiful flat.
  • Try more exciting recipes.

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