dimanche 21 juillet 2013

Concerns: 16 and 32

Things I No Longer Worry About

1. Period stains on the back of my summer school skirt.
2. Whether my ponytail is ‘lumpy’.
3. The logistics of wearing two Wonderbras at once – will it help?
4. Blur/Oasis.
5. What people think of me.

Things I Still Worry About

1. Global apocalypse.
2. Strange noises from downstairs.
3. Death.
4. My thighs (unfortunately).
5. Guilt when my mum is cross with me.

2 commentaires:

  1. 2. Strange noises from downstairs.

    I recently moved the bed to the middle of the room where I could see directly down the stairs to the first floor while sitting up on the bed. I slept alone in my room last night. I faced the fan blowing cool air and thought about the movie I'd just seen,World War Z, and how it was entertaining but did not scare me. Then it happened-"SUSSSAN". I really thought it was possible that a ghost had called my name from the bottom of the stairs. Too terrified to just get up and switch on the light, since I'm now positioned in the middle of the room far from lamps and in perfect view of any would-be axe murders clomping up the stairs toward me, I went beneath my covers and sweated until I fell asleep. I'm 31.

  2. This sounds like a perfectly reasonable response to me! E x