samedi 13 juillet 2013

Retro Blog Digest!

I’ve been writing this silly little blog for ages now.

I used to do blogs back in the very early 00s, when they were new and shiny and all my friends were doing it.  We would write about our drunken/chemical adventures and our complicated love lives, like so many baby hipster Carrie Bradshaws.  We’d all read each other’s and that was kind of it.

So I got serious.  I started a proper job in publishing.  I concentrated on writing serious novels.  I got an agent.  Blogging started being all about twee moodboards and making your own bunting.

Then I suddenly kind of missed it and thought it would be nice to do it again, just my random scribblings, for fun, for no-one.  I came quite late to one of my favourite writers, Emma Forrest, and when I did, I discovered that she had a blog with months and years’ worth of material for me to catch up on – it was a treat, and I thought that if anyone eventually read and loved my book, there was a chance they might feel the same.

So.  I have been chucking my ill-though-out ramblings into the void for ages now.  If you have stumbled here due to my book or otherwise, here is a handy digest of my favourite posts from the past couple of years.

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