vendredi 26 juillet 2013

Post holiday

I recently got back from a week in Portugal – I’m catching up after a lazy, relaxing and blissfully unexciting week that has made the real world seem very fast and very cruel.

But it’s good.  The best holidays are the ones where you come back with loads of IDEAS.  Where you feel MOTIVATED.

I have made many lists of what I am going to do – writing, house, life in general.  I just need to make this momentum last before it gets swept away in everyday tasks and monotony and keeping your head above water.

I also need to get used to not having biscuits with my morning cup of tea, a litre jug of wine with my lunch, fresh fish, way too many chips (I know it’s not cool but I love chips and never have them at home, so it’s a real holiday treat).

Any tips, please?

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