mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Fanatical Fiction

I’ve never officially written fan fiction, but I have loved an awful lot of things enough to have done so.  I think I’ve kind of got a fan fiction mentality, so I’m actually surprised I haven’t.

I’ve written a lot of little stories about me, my friends and various fictional characters – mostly in the back of my homework diary with many exclamation marks and an audience.  Which is to say some years ago, but my brain still works in exactly the same way.  I love to make up stories (obviously) and visualise myself as the main character in all the books and films I love most.

Even when we were nominally grown-up and both in our first (very dull) office jobs, my old friend Russell and I used to spend our desk-bound days emailing back and forth a long saga of stories, known as ‘The Ronkonkomano Chronicles’ (it’s another long story).  Involving us and our friends/crushes living in the desert, in the style of Generation X by Douglas Coupland (our Bible), they were full of dreamy landscapes, excellent outfits and a heavy dose of wish fulfillment (romance and days without dayjobs).

Wish fulfillment is the key, I think.  I don’t know about all writers, but that is basically the root of what I do a lot of the time.  I can now write about my dream fictional band, the hot boys and cool girls who I wish I’d known when I was a teenager, the American Apparel outfits I’d wear if I were 17 now (yeah, OK, I still do anyway – hi, metallic leggings).

Anyway, if anyone ever felt like writing fan fiction inspired in any way by Gemini Rising, I would be delighted and would love to know about it.  Maybe I could even publish it on here – anyone?

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