mardi 1 mars 2016

Battle for the Sun

I almost feel embarrassed to recount this - I'm not even sure why - but it was one of those funny little moments that was probably imperceptible to the human eye.

Currently, one of the great everyday joys in my life is that I finish work in the daylight.  It's been a long, dark winter.  Now, walking through London when the light is just starting to fade around me is probably my favourite time of day.

However, it had been a week of apathy and not enough sleep, a general but distinct lack of enthusiasm.  The twilight was pleasing but melancholy, a time for listening to Lana Del Rey and dawdling.

Until yesterday.  At dusk, I was walking towards London Bridge - headphones on, inexplicably filled with a new sense of purpose and resolve, as seems to happen sometimes for no good reason - when this song came on.  I turned it right up and it felt like a call to arms.

I swear, I felt like I was in a video game.  The goal was metaphorical, but the Shard loomed in front of me like a mythical crystal pyramid and I marched towards it.

That's the key.  I know the things I need to do to feel better, I just need to do them.  Which sounds easy, but doesn't always feel it.

I need to be productive and healthy.  Feed my brain and my soul with art and expanded horizons and the best people.  Get out in the daylight whenever I can.

And a video game called Battle for the Sun would be really cool.

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