lundi 12 août 2013


So, after putting it off for an unfathomably long time, I finally watched Django Unchained.  I loved it so much I can barely put it into words.  I now can't believe I waited so long due to slightly dodgy-sounding premise combined with the fact that I didn't really love Inglorious Basterds (although now I think maybe I should give it another go; I am terrible for moods affecting my perception/enjoyment of things, which means I often change my mind entirely second time around).

Anyway, I love QT.  I should never have doubted him.  I even love (the, in my opinion, unfairly maligned) Death Proof so much that I rewatch it all the time.

I became obsessed with him long before I was able to watch any of his films - I was a weird kid and for some reason just thought he seemed really cool.  (I was 11 when Reservoir Dogs was released.)  In a total coup, when I was not allowed to go and see True Romance at the cinema a couple of years later, I instead bought a copy of Empire magazine that gave away a copy of the script in book format, so I recited the whole thing into a tape recorder, closed my eyes and just imagined.  I still have that book.  Not the cassette tape, sadly.

Anyway, I loved Django and I guess this is a small lesson in trusting in your heroes, however flawed they may be.  Or something.

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