jeudi 29 août 2013

Poo is a personal issue.

When I was 18, and very blasé about the ways of the world, my friends and I liked to say that willingness to talk about female masturbation was ‘what separated the women from the girls’.  This was in a world *just* before Sex and the City, when most girls we knew would actually claim not to.  One of my good friends even once said that she tried it but didn’t like it, so decided never to do it again.  (Also, I should probably mention that I went to an all-girls' Catholic school.)

Now I genuinely believe the same theory applies to pooing in a public toilet.  It’s (um, obviously) less sexy so way more telling.  Why should you be embarrassed about someone hearing or smelling what you are doing, in a room that has been designed for that very purpose?

That’s what I’m thinking today.  That is all.  I never claimed to be, like, a Nora Ephron-standard essayist.

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