samedi 3 août 2013

You Can't Fuck A Shoe

So, friends and regular readers may know that, here at the Mixtape, we live in a tiny, very run-down Victorian cottage in the centre of Brighton - a kind of two-up, one-down.  Bought about six months ago through a rare stroke of pure good luck, we have set about the - to use the technical phrase - fucking massive job of doing it up.

This has been slow going - through money and time and practicalities and all sorts of other boring things.  However, something recently has clicked and progress is still slow, but wildly encouraging.

We need a new sofa, many boring and essential things.  But, this week, I bought my first properly big purchase for the new house.

It is called 'You Can't Fuck A Shoe'.  It is a limited-edition print by Tracey Emin.  Please share in my joy.

2 commentaires:

  1. Have you been watching the new Kirstie Allsopp offering on Channel 4 Eleanor? Fit to burst with innovative ideas about how to fill, furnish and lavish your home with free stuff. Some of the links might come in handy in the search for the 'new sofa and many boring and essential things...' You could save a packet and buy more artwork. Works for me! H-J

  2. Brilliant, will check it out - I'm rather keen on Kirstie. Thanks, Heidi-Jo x