mercredi 30 avril 2014


Those who know me are probably aware that my spirit animal is a grey horse.  It is something that delights me, I must admit.

Well, according to my shaman recently - along with my horse - I also have a bat hanging around at the moment.  This has completed my perfect picture.  I love my Zoe Karssen bat T-shirt, obv, and am keen on Bat for Lashes.

My horse is still my favourite but I love my bat!

dimanche 27 avril 2014

How Should A Person Be?

I am currently reading the above-titled book, by Sheila Heti.  At time of writing, I haven't finished it yet, but it is utterly intriguing, honest, beautiful and weird.

I only discovered her writing through Miranda July's 'We Think Alone' email project.  I liked the sound of her and I am now slightly obsessed (as is my wont, of course).

Highly recommended chez ECW.

lundi 21 avril 2014

Travelling (wo)man

This probably sounds like an annoying thing to say - I'm so Pollyanna-ish these days, it must be driving my friends bonkers - but my new job is the nicest I have ever had.  I'm really enjoying going to work at the moment.

Everyone says that work travel isn't fun, but I really love it.  One of my favourite things about the work I'm currently doing is that I get to do a lot of running around.  Apparently work travel isn't 'glamorous', and in literal terms this is probably true in my case, but I find travel inherently glamorous.  Even when it's the 7am Easyjet flight to Newcastle.

I'm crap at doing 'proper' reading or writing on trains, no matter how good my intentions.  So I have taken to carting my ancient paperback copy of Dolce Vita by Iseult Teran with me.  It's an old favourite and perfect for dipping into whilst in transit.  Top travel tip from ECW, there.  (Ha!)

I recently had a lovely day out in Glasgow - one of my favourite UK cities - and had a bit of free time.  I got to go to GOMA (The Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art) and see some cool stuff -

There was an exhibition by Sue Tompkins, which I found really fun and kind of intriguing (although opinion was definitely split).  She was in the band Life Without Buildings - I distinctly remember hearing them on John Peel when I was a student and writing their name in my notebook.  I love such little circular moments.

mardi 15 avril 2014

You and your secret life.

I am still totally obsessed with Cat Power's record Sun.  It has barely been out of my ears since it came out absolutely aaaages ago now.

I've been listening constantly of late to Manhattan.  The perfect springtime soundtrack for my work to work.  It makes me feel awesome.  Also, I am already excited about going to New York again in October!

mercredi 9 avril 2014

Hot 90s dudes.

I don’t want to bang on and try to over-publicise my new website The Cocktail Hour TOO much on here.

However, I can’t resist posting a link to Susan’s list of ‘Dudes I wanted to french circa 1996’ on here, which we recently published.  Because it’s properly great.

samedi 5 avril 2014

Alan Partridge

When I was a teenager, this was one of the popular things to quote at school.  (‘You mentalist’, ‘a-ha!’, etc.)

However, I had forgotten how bloody funny it is.  I’ve been rewatching the lot on Netflix, and LOL-ing all over myself.

Steve Coogan is a genius.  I can totally understand what Courtney Love saw in him.

mardi 1 avril 2014

Fun readings.

I’ve been having a teen-book fest lately.  It’s been lovely.  Here are my current favourites.

Soulmates by Holly Bourne
I just finished this and it was really fun.  I loved the characters and the ending had me on the edge of my seat.

Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern
I read this in a single Sunday and I physically could not put it down.  It’s beautiful and it swept me away; I never wanted it to end.

What’s Up With Jody Barton? by Hayley Long
More than meets the eye with this one – it’s fun and it has some serious issues that it doesn’t bash you over the head with.  Bonus points for extra River Phoenix.