samedi 30 mai 2015

Footsteps in the Snow

I have been thinking a lot about getting tattooed again.  I believe tattoos should act as a marker of important things (both of mine do exactly that).  I’m not sure what constitutes a ‘tattooable’ occasion, but when it’s the right time, you know it.

My book is out on the 4th of June.  Two days after my 34th birthday.  I’m ecstatic and terrified in equal measure, and I am counting down the days like a small child.  It occurred to me – gradually, from out of nowhere, like these things generally do – that this would be the perfect time for my third tattoo.

Something I’ve wanted for ages, on my writing hand.  This has crystallised into a plan, and every time I write a book (hopefully there will be more) I could add to my tattooed writing hand.  This also fulfills my ongoing objective of ‘Be More Like Jemima Kirke’.  So that’s good.

This got me thinking about a tiny piece I wrote a long time ago now.  Well, it’s only a couple of years but it feels like forever.  I re-read it and I’m still quite proud of it.  I still agree with every word I wrote, which for fickle Gemini me is rare.  To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, words are like tattoos – life is long and we are always changing, but I think if you do either one for the right reasons then you can live quite happily with anything in the end.  Even if you don’t agree with it any more, it deserves to be on your permanent record.

(You can read it here – I’m on p13.)

lundi 25 mai 2015


I have waxed lyrical here before about my wonderful, beautiful and talented friend AZD.  She is a true inspiration, a force of pure energy and a joy to have in my life.

Like many of my favourite people (I also say this about my sister), she is like the perfect Trojan horse: she looks like a doe-eyed archetype of very ‘proper’ femininity (like, anyone that pretty *must* be so sweet and innocent, right?) but underestimate her at your peril.  Those wide eyes mask a filthy sense of humour, a fierce intellect and a true STAUNCHNESS.  I am drawn to people of extremes and contradictions.  She’s tiny but my money would always be on her in a fight.

When I was going through a terrible time a few months ago – I hadn’t left the house for days, in fact had barely moved from my kitchen table, hunched and weeping as I smoked endless cigarettes and wondered if I might actually die – it was this girl who turned up on my doorstep.  She’s the only person who doesn’t believe me when I say ‘I’m fine’ because she’s been there and she knows what it’s like.  She stocked my fridge, poured me a glass of wine and told me in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t allowed another cigarette until I had eaten a whole plateful of the delicious vegetarian shepherd’s pie she had made me (reader, I polished off the lot).

She’s the girl you want on your team in times of crisis – but I wouldn’t want you to think it’s all doom and gloom.  We’ve had adventures running around Paris, London and Brighton together, and it’s always a delight even just to hang out quietly at her house – a serene oasis, where there is always homemade cake and usually wine.


She has recently started writing a brilliant blog – which combines her literary and culinary talents with her passion for all-round wellbeing – so we thought it would be fun to interview each other.  You can read my ramblings over on her blog, if you like.  Here are her answers to my questions; we are both pretty chatty, so it’s a long read.  So, pour yourself a cup of green tea – or a gin, this is definitely not your standard wellbeing blog, so you can guarantee that AZD won’t judge either way…


Who is AZD, in one sentence?
A person of extremes with of an overactive mind, a vivid imagination and a restless soul.

Tell us about your new blog…
I’m passionate about health and wellbeing and believe that within us we all have the tools to live a happier life if we focus our energies in the right way. I wanted to start a blog that had this ethos at its core. Something that might inspire people to be the best versions of themselves, to love and nurture themselves as much as they do those around them.

So often, people judge themselves more harshly than they would any other person (yes, that’s me) and this is the biggest barrier to inner peace and contentment. I want to encourage people to look at ways in which they can firstly recognize and then rebalance this – convert negative energy into positive energy.

I think this afflicts women in particular, they are conditioned to put the needs of others before their own – partner, child, pet, whatever. So it’s a reminder to women to take back some of that time and energy and reserve it for themselves. I’m inspired by strong, powerful women so it’s a space to celebrate them, too.

It’s not your classic wellbeing blog – it doesn’t only focus on healthy eating and exercise. It’s about being in touch with all of our needs, passions, desires to live happier lives.

Your blog is a brilliant representation of you, your writing and all of your other interests – is bringing together these passions important to you?
Yes, absolutely. All these things are what make me who I am. And my writing is an extension of myself so it’s a natural symbiosis.

Do you have a specific writing routine or any rituals?
I don’t have any kind of a routine and I find I can’t force it, rather it forces me. I write when I feel compelled to, which is most days but to varying degrees and in different guises. I have several journals on the go at any one time and they usually have different ‘types’ of writing in them or themes.

During tough times the compulsion to write totally takes me over. Following a hard breakup a few years ago I spent almost 24 hours writing non-stop. I wrote myself through the pain; writing is like therapy. Pain is hard to bear but it is fantastic oil for a writer so it always feels worthwhile. No experience is wasted if you can write about it.

I write at all times of day and night and I enjoy the way my writing changes: the clarity of thought I have in the morning, and slower, deeper, more trance-like state that I slip into in the evening. A glass of wine can help. I think Oscar Wilde had a great point when he said: “write drunk, edit sober”.

What are your future plans for the blog, other writing projects, world domination?
I have so many ideas for the blog! I have “self-commissioned” a long list of posts, which grows by the day. I have more ideas than time! I want to interview all the women who inspire me, including Caroline Lucas who I often see wandering around town.

I’ve vaguely started my first novel, which I’m excited to work on. It’s about falling in love and where this leads us; how this affects our identity, what we lose and gain. How the people we meet and love leave an imprint on our lives. I’m fascinated by the human condition. I don’t suppose it will be very good, but it will definitely be cathartic!

As for world domination… if I were a successful autocrat, I would start by introducing the four day working week, obligatory monthly street parties to help build community spirit, free yoga classes to all, free cats/puppies to depressed people, community gardens to produce an abundance of healthy, organic food/wine… stuff like that.

Who are the women that inspire you and why?
My mum inspires me because she has put everything into raising us. She is a proper mum, fantastic in a crisis and as well as giving us love she has she has kept me grounded by being firm and constantly reminding me that there is always someone worse off than me (something I hated as a teenager but now appreciate). It’s because of her that I am as strong as I am. She inspired my love of cooking and encouraged me to be brave in this respect – she rarely cooks from a recipe and relies on her creativity and intuition to create delicious food, something she has passed on.

More generally, I am inspired by women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in. Also, those who subvert gender stereotypes and refuse to conform to the rigid rules of society in terms of what it means to be a woman or to be feminine. I am a bit obsessed with Lena Dunham at the moment.

What is your definition of feminism?
A feminist is someone who believes in and fights for equality among all humans regardless of their gender; and someone who exalts in being female. Being a feminist is acknowledging that you belong to a wider, global body that extends beyond the individual. I love being a woman and given the choice wouldn’t change it. (No not even to experience having an erection or having sex as a man. We still have the upper-hand: multiple orgasms.)

Feminism is as big an issue as it ever was and sexism is still rife – directed at women by men and (sadly) women alike. It just acts at a more subterranean level than it did. However, progress is being made. In the UK, it’s heartening to hear the female voice in politics, with strong women like Caroline Lucas, Nicola Sturgeon and Leanne Wood repping for us at the frontline. Between them, they formed their own mini party in the 2015 general election: the lionesses of politics, one voice, for women. Election night was hailed ‘a historic night for women in Parliament’ and with one in three politicians now female (30% up from 22%), things are definitely picking up. A bleaker reality obviously exists around the globe, but there are small ripples appearing everywhere. This is what makes being a woman and a feminist so exciting: together we stand strong. Like Christina said: ‘Can’t Hold Us Down!’

What is your dream night out?
Good food, champagne, dancing, wonderful girlfriends, beautiful men. Ideally, in a warm climate and the evening would end with dancing and singing in the streets, first under the stars and then to the sound of birdsong. I’m also a fan of skinny-dipping so perhaps I’d throw a beach in there, too. 

Have you ever read a book that has changed your life?
Yes. A couple of years ago, when I was going through a bit of a personal crisis I read ‘The Brilliant Life Coach’ by Annie Lionnet. I’d never been anywhere near a self-help book and regarded them with a healthy dose of cynical skepticism. It was desperate times and I thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. It gave me the courage to take an honest, objective look at my life and to realize a) that I was deeply unhappy, and b) that only I had the power to change this. I did, and I’m so pleased that it spurred me to do so. It is full of little positive quotes like ‘commit to being all of who you can be’ and ‘your destiny isn’t a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.’ It was so empowering working through the exercises in my dedicated notebook and I don’t know if I’d be where I am now without it.

Which fictional character would you most like to bring to life?
Oh, easy. Edward Cullen. Twilight. #vampirefetish

What’s a song that’s guaranteed to make you dance?
Pretty much anything by Beyonce or Destiny’s Child. Also, Pharrell ‘Happy’.

Where is the most inspirational place you’ve ever been?
Probably my yoga retreat in Sardinia last September. It was the first time I’d been on retreat, first time I’d holidayed alone and it changed my life as it helped me to establish a daily yoga practice at home. We lived as a community and I met some wonderful people who treated each other with such an easy, open-hearted kindness. We meditated under the stars to the sound of the sea. I can honestly say that I am a different (less stressed) person as a result.

What’s your spirit animal?
I have the Wolf as my spirit animal, which absolutely delights me. The wolf represents intelligence, keen instincts driven by intuition and an appetite for freedom.

What’s your favourite yoga pose?
Headstand, because it has taken me nearly six months to master it and I never thought I’d be able to. Every time I slowly rise up into this pose I am still a little bit surprised and joyous that I can do so. It is incredible the tiny changes that are achieved when you dedicate yourself to yoga. Each time I do it, I’m a little bit more stable and can hold it for a little bit longer or relax a little more. It is wonderfully grounding to take all of the weight off your feet for a few minutes a day. It reminds me what can be achieved when you set your mind to something.

Tell me about your tattoos.
I have two tattoos. The first I had is a tiny heart with a peace sign inside of it, on the inside of my right wrist. I got it to remember someone I’d lost. It reminds me of lasting love and that she is at peace. Also, that although the threat of death is naturally scary to most people, with it comes peace and people live on through the love we hold for them.

The second, which I had more recently, is a geometric ‘third eye’ design, which sits between my heart and my abdomen (basically under my boobs; think Rihanna’s goddess tattoo.) It is a commitment to myself to always listen to, trust and honour my intuition. In other words, listen to my gut when it’s telling me that something isn’t right and I’m not being authentic or honest with myself. It looks a bit like a one-eyed, winged creature and it makes me feel powerful each time I see it.

tattoo med

What would your last supper be?
Easy. A proper Italian pizza and a hot pudding with gelato. I’d probably want a really nice salad on the side, too, with lots of avocado, ripe tomatoes, rocket, basil, and good quality olive oil and balsamic.

What would you like me to ask you that I haven’t already?
Darling, you have done a wonderful job. But I’d like you to ask me to dinner because I miss your face!

AZD, I could not love you more. x

vendredi 22 mai 2015

What's in the bag?

This week, I had the great pleasure of going to Waterstones on Piccadilly (you know, the really big one that is basically like a booklovers’ Narnia of dreams) to talk about my new book.

I have rarely had such a lovely evening, and it helped to prove my theory that people who love books are generally Jolly Nice.  It sounds unbearably cheesy, but so far one of the best things about writing this book has been the wonderful people I have met.  (Don’t be sick.)

Here’s one of them (the very lovely George) with a bag of brilliant books by lovely people (including mine!).

samedi 9 mai 2015

Paris Dreaming.

I had so many nice plans this weekend.  Instead I have raging cystitis and have spent the past 24 hours either weeping in the bathroom or huddling in bed shivering.

It is a most unglamorous affliction.

So I have been flicking through this book, wishing I were in Paris and that my kidneys didn't hurt.  It's a tonic for many such occasions.

Bon weekend. x

jeudi 7 mai 2015

My Staunch Sister AZD

My BFF AZD has started the most beautiful blog - it is a truly inspiring (as well as fun) read.  I have subscribed via email, and I often get a new post alert on my phone while I am on the train to work, which is great timing as it always makes me smile and reminds me to live my day to its full potential.

She's a writer, a yogi, a great chef, a beauty and an awesome friend.  If you read her writing, you'll see why I love her so much (and that she truly is my soul sister).

I had the great pleasure of answering a few questions about writing and life in general, which are up on her blog right now!  Her Instagram is also worth a look (and features many a drunk photo of me!).

dimanche 3 mai 2015

What is hot?

I’m excited about Polly Vernon’s new book ‘Hot Feminist’.  You may have seen this week she did a Twitter promotional chat thing for it – ‘what is hot?’

It’s an interesting question, one that fascinates me.  I know I have quite niche tastes (any conversation with my girlfriends seems to reveal this); the fact that sexiness is subjective is something that delights me.  It would be boring if we were all the same – plus, I can pretty much guarantee that I am very unlikely to fall out with any of my Beckham/Pitt/Gosling-loving girlfriends over a man.

Still, avidly following the Twitter discussion, I was also heartened to note that ‘kindness’ in various forms was a popular answer.  Kindness is hot.  Another answer I thoroughly approved of was: being good at sport (or anything) but not making a big deal out of it.

To me, it’s a very nebulous concept but – probably like everyone – I have a definite list of small, idiosyncratic things that make me a bit weak in the knees.

Big noses.
Wonky teeth.
Writing letters (particularly if you live together).
Fey men who turn out to be unexpectedly good at practical things.
Sunday mornings.
Red wine.
Good grammar.
A really nice coat.
A pretty girl on a bicycle.
Swimming in the sea.
Leonard Cohen.
French knickers and messy hair.
Morning kissing before you’ve cleaned your teeth.
The first half of Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell (stop after Car on the Hill).
Films with subtitles.
Fire escapes.
New York.
Black and white.
Secret details – unexpected chest hair, a hidden tattoo, scars, birthmarks…
General enthusiasm.
Worthy competition.

Not hot:
People who seem a bit squeamish in bed.
Intellectual point scoring.
Rudeness to waiters.
General meanness.
Body fascism.

Short-sleeved shirts worn with a tie.