jeudi 26 mai 2011

30s Look.

I will be 30 in June.  I am extremely excited about this, on all levels.

Not least of which, because I am rethinking My Look.  Grown up, sophisticated, expensive.  Maybe.  A bit.  This will mainly involve wearing more black, a more tailored silhouette and attempting not to spend my money on cheap rubbish.  Also, two very important words are involved: Bella Freud.

Isn’t it funny the things that start to seem unacceptable, or at the very least unseemly, at different ages?  When I was 22, I was obsessed with being completely over-dressed at all times – 60s eyes, capes, heels and massive hair whatever the occasion, my motto was “laugh in the face of daywear!”, my role model Jacqueline Susann.  I’ve had to wean myself off it – not that difficult, as I have felt less inclined to bother with every passing year – to avoid looking like an Eccentric Art Teacher.  Which would be No Good.  (NB – I am planning to resurrect that image from the age of 60 onwards, at which point I hope to have more time on my hands and to emulate the magnificent ladies of Grey Gardens.)  You know, it’s like all those things – dancing on the table, taking your top off at a gig, doing a wee behind a tree late at night – that are probably ill-advised to start with but can be kind of charming in the early twenties, but less so in the thirties.

I am a fan of anyone who commits to a strong look, whatever that may be.  I once read, many years ago, that in order to develop one’s signature style, a good trick is to think up three keywords or phrases and apply them in some way to every garment bought or outfit assembled, even if it’s only the tiniest dab of each.  I decided that mine were: French, 60s, rock n roll.  It generally works.

So, I shall of course be sticking to this but hopefully in a more grown up way.  With reference to Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alison Mosshart and, as ever, the Sainted Edies (Segwick and Beale).

I am also, however, planning on a new tattoo to commemorate the occasion, so not completely grown up.

What are your three Signature Look Keywords?

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