samedi 26 novembre 2011

50 Words for Wuthering Heights

I love Kate Bush.  I am listening to her as I type.

She's one of those marvels to me - literally, 'is she real'?  From Wuthering Heights to Running Up That Hill (basically the whole of Hounds of Love), to Babooshka, Rubber Band Girl and the present day.  She came fully-formed (see also: Polly  Harvey, Rimbaud) and just gets better.

Having been introduced to it a couple of nights ago by my gorgeous hairdresser Jonathan, 50 Words for Snow is going to be my constant listening for the winter.  I can already tell.

I went to my amazing local record shop to buy it this morning (Resident, see sidebar).  They have a lovely thing there, of writing their own explanatory/helpful notes, stuck to the cover of each album.  Wonderfully, this one started 'The story of her intense relationship with a snowman...'.  How could you not pick it up?!

Kate has so many of the qualities that are my constant loves: massive hair, theatricality, a relatively normal personal life despite her creative gifts, a fondness for leotards and chiffon...

But you don't need me to tell you that she's greatter than the sum of those ridiculously amazing parts.

50 Words for Snow - the only winter listening that will ever be happening in my house now.

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