samedi 11 février 2012

This weekend: New music

This weekend, my top priority is to do some record shopping.  Loads of new releases that I need in my life.

New Leonard Cohen!  He is, in short, The King of My Everything.  I am particularly thrilled to note that apparently the new stuff involves pretty much exclusively 'Sexy  Leonard (see: 'I'm Your Man', 'The Future').

New Charlotte Gainsbourg!  The princess of, if not everything, then of cool.  I love her and basically want to be her; her music is (perhaps surprisingly?) really, really good.  'IRM' has not been off my stereo much for a long time; maybe this will replace it for a while.

New Prinz Horn Dance School.  Really nice people who are Brighton-related acquaintances of mine (my good friend Steve was childhood friends with Suzi Horn and now drives the tour band for her and Tobin Prinz), their music is fascinating and has grown on me more and more.  Their first record is great; I'm always intrigued to see what they are doing next.

Lana del Rey.  Yeah, we've all got an opinion on her - what's yours?  Mine is that she's stunningly beautiful, has some lovely choruses and deserves a dedicated listen.

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