vendredi 13 juillet 2012


I worry sometimes that my brain and ears are closing themselves off to new music.  I still love music as much as I ever did – but I find myself listening to the old favourites a lot.  I get really excited if there’s a new album coming out from PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth or Cat Power – my staples.  However, it’s rare that I find a new band or artist who I fall in love with in the same way and becomes a new favourite.

There are a few bands I’ve grown enamoured of in the last few years, but even they are getting a bit older; still they’re the ones I’ve fallen in love with as a grown-up rather than a teenager:
Bat for Lashes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Frida Hyvönen, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Prinz Horn Dance School, Grinderman, Warpaint, Laura Marling, Josh T. Pearson.

Sometimes I’ve discovered old music at a grown-up age: Nico and Laura Nyro are two examples of artists I’ve come to late.

I love lots of my friends’ (OK, and boyfriend’s) new music.  Jack Lucan, Milenasong and Tied to the Mast.  I saw a band called Fountains last week, who I really enjoyed.

Still, when I went to my local record shop on Saturday to buy Lee Ranaldo’s new solo album, I thought I ought to investigate and buy something new.

I went for Telepathe, as they’ve been on the peripheries of my consciousness for a while without having heard them.  I liked that they are two girls and sound a little witchy and arty and cool.

I’ve only had one listen so far.  I’m yet to fall in love but I am intrigued; I think it will be a grower and I have high hopes.  I kind of hope they’ll become a new favourite.  If there are any others you can think of who might be my new favourite, let me know.

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