lundi 3 mars 2014


In the past week, I have:

 - missed my stop on the train.
 - shivered in a cold bath.
 - fallen asleep in bed reading, dribbling and still fully dressed.

This is because I have just finished 'Dr Sleep', which (as you know) is Stephen King's new sequel to 'The Shining'.  Danny Torrance is grown up, still shining, trying not to be like his dad...

It is magnificent.  I could not put it down.  I think it is scarier than 'The Shining'.

I love Stephen King so much.  He draws characters so well that you actually feel frightened for them.  The man is a genius.

'The Stand' is possibly in my top five favourite books of all time, and I re-read it about once every two years.  'It' scared the shit out of me as a child (serves me right for reading it secretly when I shouldn't have), and still does.  'On Writing' quite probably changed my life (or at least improved my writing).

I'm now (of course) re-reading 'The Shining'.  I had almost forgotten how good it was.  I am then planning on a binge re-read: primarily of 'Pet Sematary' (of which my memories are foggy, but I mostly remember as being very, very sad), and then an overdue revisiting of 'The Stand', which I believe is a truly great masterpiece.

I also came upon this documentary, which I very much enjoyed:

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