jeudi 16 octobre 2014


I was 17 in 1998.  I always remember it as one of my best years.  It doesn't seem like very long ago to me.

When the film 'Sliding Doors' came out, I think I went to see it at the cinema with my best friend.  We were a bit obsessed with the cool short haircut that Gwyneth gets and I attempted to emulate it myself.  GOOP wasn't all that well known - I won a tenner in a bet with my mum that she wasn't really English (we weren't sure).  She even manages to say 'bollocks' really convincingly.

I was quite excited when, in the present day, I spotted it on Netflix (which, of course, didn't exist in 1998).  It was only when watching it that I realised how long ago 1998 really was.  (Not that far off 20 years, in fact.)

It looks so very old-fashioned - even retro - now.  There was smoking indoors.  And tape decks.  And drinking Grolsch was trendy.  As was wearing a poloneck (actually I still love a poloneck, but I used to wear them a lot more in 1998).  Films like 'Sliding Doors' saw fit to include Dodgy in their soundtrack...

But it's still a really good film.

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