lundi 7 septembre 2015

In My Bag

My handbag was stolen on Friday night (boo).  I was having a glass of wine at the BFI with my lovely cousin and her lovely husband after work, and it was taken from under the table (by real pros, according to the security guards who saw it all on CCTV - which made me feel slightly better about the whole thing, but not much).

It's particularly annoying as there was really nothing in there of much value to anyone else (I am hoping the thieving baddies will be gutted to have found no cash and discovered that I am pretty much the only person left who doesn't have an iPhone), but of course of much value to me.  I expect it all just got chucked in the river.  And yet I spent the entire weekend sorting out the ensuing hassle of lost things.

Here's what the bastards did get:
  • 1 x brown Coach handbag that belonged to my mum in the 90s (and was very beloved).
  • 1 x card holder (a present) containing debit card (which nobody had attempted to use before I cancelled it), a couple of cards kept from restaurants just for the memories, Foyles loyalty card that had AT LEAST £3 on it.
  • Keys - to my house, office and mum's house; keyrings from Istanbul, Marrakech and Paris.
  • Diary (so they will know that I ran 5K three times last week, started my period last Monday and am due to have dinner with my friend Deborah on Wednesday - truly fascinating stuff).
  • 1 x ancient Blackberry phone.
  • 1 x monthly rail ticket between Brighton and London, which has ended up causing the most hassle and expense of all, and caused me to sit and weep at Brighton railway station on Saturday afternoon.
  • 1 x Kindle, which I guess isn't worth a lot (it's the most basic model) but obviously had a lot of great books on it.
  • 1 x hairbrush.
  • 3 x eyeliners (one fat, one thin, one pen).
  • 2 x Chanel lipsticks (one now discontinued); 1 x Nars lipstick; 2 x Topshop lipsticks; 1 x Revlon Cherries in the Snow.
  • 1 x Bare Minerals face powder.
  • 1 x Nars blusher in 'Orgasm'.
  • 1 x Batiste for dark hair.
  • 1 x small Moleskine notebook that was a present.
  • 1 x notebook that was also a present and had many ideas scribbled in it.
  • 1 x crystal bought in Dungeness.
  • 1 x angel good luck charm given to me as a present.
  • Various soggy tissues, powdery chewing gums, capless Biros, etc etc...

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