vendredi 11 novembre 2016

My Man

We all have our ones.  He was mine.  I've been writing and talking about him all morning... I always have been - here is a small selection of some of the many, many words I have written about the beautiful and beloved Leonard Cohen over my lifetime: some going back years, the most recent less than a week ago.  Just in case anybody else wants to spend today reading about this great, great man and how much we all loved him.

I will be forever grateful and Leonard will always be my man.

Nothing but love, ECW xxx

The Songs:

Famous Blue Raincoat

So Long Marianne

The Partisan

Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye

A Singer Must Die

Going Home

Take This Longing

I'm Your Man

The Places:

The Hotel Chelsea

The Hydra Chronicles

Pictures of Hydra

The Great Man:

Notes on Cohen

LC's 80th Birthday

My LC Tattoo

I Want It Darker

Just this week...

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