lundi 5 décembre 2016

I Am Divine

On this freezing cold, very Mondayish Monday... I would like to share a fact I learned over the weekend that has delighted me.

Did you know that Divine was once on Top of the Pops and that 'You Think You're A Man' was produced by (of all people) Stock/Aitken/Waterman?  I had literally no idea.  This has slightly blown my mind.

I watched the documentary 'I Am Divine' at the weekend.  I highly recommend it.  There's something about Divine that is so inspiring - I guess that can mostly be put down to his utter fearlessness.  Zero fucks, personified.  Be a bit more Divine.

I first discovered John Waters films in the post-Divine years, when my little sister and I became weirdly obsessed with Serial Mom as kids in the early 90s, and then worked our way backwards.  Probably a bit weird of us, but we found it hilarious at the time.

It's definitely time for a re-watch now.  A lot of those films, I haven't seen in years.  This may be a Christmas project.  Yesterday, while out pottering in Brighton, I happened to find a Female Trouble T-shirt, which I obviously had to buy and is bringing me much happiness.

In other news, I have been re-listening a lot to Lift to Experience lately (deep soul joy levels, plus desire to marry Josh T. Pearson strong); the 'Vulgar' fashion exhibition at the Barbican is worth a visit (it's on until February).  Writing is mostly happening in bed, with a woolly hat on and many, many cups of tea.

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