lundi 27 mars 2017

Like they do in Babylon.

It’s definitely spring.  The clocks have changed; the sun is out.  Yesterday I went out walking in just a Velvet Underground T-shirt, no jacket!

Even more exciting…  Today is the Aries new moon, you guys!  This explanation of it is from Ethereal Culture (one of my faves) and it speaks to me deeply right now:

While it could feel difficult to advance relationships and projects at this time, the best use of these energies is to relax with the slowness and otherworldliness, and to integrate old lessons before launching forward. [But now] we can boldly move forward without the constraints of ego or the fear of failed experience. With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all in Aries, our confidence is boosted, and we feel empowered to make decisions without hesitation.

Let’s hope so.  I for one am into it.

It was the best kind of quiet weekend, energies brewing.  Mine started on Friday, when I had a day off with my best friend (and her dogs) – the casual and cosy sort of day that is my dream come true.  The weekend was mostly spent drinking coffee, sitting in the sunshine, writing (slowly, but writing), cooking, pottering, talking about possibilities.

The weekend’s listening: I have come ridiculously late to Civil Wars (they don’t even exist any more) and they are not my usual thing, but I have been playing this sexy cover* into the ground lately.

*A song that LC noted was ‘able to embrace all passionate activity’, lest we forget.

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