lundi 2 avril 2018

Some questions of the day.

Would you like a cup of tea?

How can we best try to live our lives with the kind and generous spirit of The Fab Five on a daily basis? Yes, of course I too am obsessed with the Queer Eye reboot. As my friend Ruth says, you'd have to be literally MADE OF STONE not to fall in love with it.

Could Antoni's face be any more perfect? Asking for a friend, etc.

Is it possible to write the last 15K or so words of a book over one bank holiday weekend?

How sexy is Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic?

Does the mythical Aldi candle really smell as good as a Jo Malone one?

Will spending my Sunday planting summer bulbs in pots on my tiny patio finally turn me into a grown-up?

Should I buy some new dungarees? Probably.

Is it really possible to block anyone from your life in This Modern Age? I mean, yeah, you can block their number but what about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In..? Perhaps I should start writing under a pseudonym.

Is buying all new bed linen going to change my life?

How can I become friends with Adam Buxton?

Why would you not buy a 69p pineapple?

Is anything more cheering for one pound than daffodils in every room?

Does eating avocado toast while I write these self-indulgent ponderings make me a total cliche?

Can spring start now, please? I won't believe it until I can go to work wearing ballet pumps and a trench coat.

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