mardi 25 août 2020

Bookish Things

 I didn't read at all at the beginning of lockdown. Couldn't concentrate on a book at all, which was a shame as it's my favourite thing to do.

I am pleased to report that since then I have read some EXCELLENT books and highly recommend all of them:

PRETENDING by Holly Bourne

QUEENIE by Candice Carty-Williams

HUNGER by Roxane Gay

SUCH A FUN AGE by Kiley Reid


At the end of the week, I am planning a payday new book extravaganza. Please let me know on Instagram/Twitter if you have recommendations!

When not reading, I have also been bouncing on my trampoline, cooking, going on my favourite new secret forest walk, meditating and making jam from graveyard blackberries.

I watched a whole crazy soap opera (three series!) about cage fighters in Venice Beach and now I am strangely sad it's over.

I miss holidays.

Oh, and I was a guest on the Cosmo 'All The Way With' sex podcast, which was super fun! I felt like a pound-shop Carrie Bradshaw (jk, Carrie was awful!!!). Woke Charlotte 4 ever.

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