jeudi 7 avril 2011

Welcome to Newport, bitch!

In “My Favourite Teen Telly” part gazillion (see also: My So-Called Life, Heartbreak High and, yeah OK, Dawson’s Creek), today we come to Newport, Orange County – or, The O.C.

As with so many things (Twitter, skinny jeans, Lady Ga Ga) I was a late adopter – although this series was a classic of the early-2000s, I have only recently been introduced to its full-blown glory, courtesy of my sister and a multi-volume complete boxed set. Thus, my sister, my boyfriend and I have started what is basically The Unofficial OC Appreciation Society. We are all obsessed.

On Saturday nights when we should probably be going out and getting as wasted as Marissa did that time in Tijuana,we can in fact be found sitting in a line on a sofa, goggle-eyed and slack-jawed, having a vague approximation of the following conversation:

ALL: Californiaaaaaaaaa, here we cooooooooooooome… Yay.

E: OMG – does Marissa have a Chanel schoolbag?

K: Yes. Yes, she does. This is how we roll in the Orange County.

E: Sandy Cohen is so hot.

K: You are so weird.

J: Summer is so hot… OMG, she’s dressed up as Wonder Woman! No wonder Seth named his boat after her.

E: Sandy Cohen is so hot.

J: Have you noticed how they put a dark filter on the camera whenever Ryan goes back to Chino?

K: It’s to show that it’s bad there. It looks like Eastenders. Actually, the whole thing looks like a cheap telenovela until about series 3, where it looks like they upped the budget.

J: Have we got the TV on some weird wide-screen setting? Why does Marissa look so flat and yet so… wide?

E: Because she dresses herself weirdly. Have you never seen her many appearances on

J: Oh, yeah. MischFug BartFug.

K: Have you noticed that Sandy Cohen is always eating a bagel? It’s to show that he’s Jewish. Also, their coffee mugs are huge.

E: Sandy Cohen is so hot. Also, I would just like to say: I love Julie Cooper. Actually love her. Even more than Sandy Cohen.

See what fun? I recommend trying this yourself at home, with the very un-OC accompaniment of fishfinger sandwiches, preferably made with processed cheese.

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