mercredi 20 mars 2013

XO Jane

Jane Pratt is really cool.  End of.  She's one of those people I've long admired without knowing a ton about her.  I mean, obviously I was a massive fan of Sassy mag - which published my favourite magazine cover of all time - and an admirer of her media exploits and general cool girl-ness.

However, I came to relatively late.  I discovered it via the legend (-arily crazy/awful/glam/) Cat Marnell.  Whatever my views on Cat's subject matter/personal life/relationship with Jane - and, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what those are, one way or the other - I have to admit to finding her writing highly addictive, and I think she is sickeningly talented.  So, I would frequently end up in a black hole of her beauty columns, making the most of the huge turnover of material on the website and sucking them up by the dozen.

Then when I had exhausted Cat's supply of make-up and downtown dramazzz, I would find myself clicking on links called things like "It Happened To Me: My Dad was a serial killer" or "How not to be a dick to your fat friends".

Those are both real-life headlines.  As you can imagine, has thus become a daily read, and one that I now often discuss with my similarly addicted friends.  Some of the topics are thought-provoking, some are silly and/or disgusting and some are sad - crucially, nearly all of them make me feel better about myself and the world, in some way.

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