vendredi 14 juin 2013

Gemini Round-up

So, my little book has been out for a week today and I have probably banged on about it quite enough now.

I have had some lovely messages and reviews, both from people I know and don’t know.

I have been in touch with some amazing bloggers who are doing really cool things.

I have learned that, if I ever do this again (fingers crossed), I should take the publication day off work and do something wonderful – not end up sitting at my desk, doing nothing useful, having lunch alone and secretly climbing the walls with over-excitement.  (However, this was duly made up for over the following weekend with pizza/wine/forcing my boyfriend to see the Liberace movie/a wonderful lunch with my dad in a restaurant in which newly-published authors are apparently given free Champagne!)

Here is a little link round-up of everything Gemini Rising so far:

Normal service resumes here.  Thank you for your kind attention/patience.

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much for adding my Review and Q&A to your post! I had so much fun reading Gemini Rising and it's great to know you loved my review :)

  2. Thanks, Becca - seriously loved it and your beautiful site! x