vendredi 7 juin 2013

My Mixtape: Gemini Rising

Here are some songs that I was listening to when I wrote the manuscript.

A LOT of Cat Power.  Mostly her record called Sun.  In particular the songs Cherokee and Ruin, and the brilliant Iggy Pop-featuring Nothing But Time, which has become my unofficial theme song.

Also quite a lot of Bat for Lashes – her new-ish album The Haunted Man.  My faves are All Your Gold and A Wall.  I also listen to her beautiful song Daniel whenever I want to fast-forward myself into a romantic teenage dream.

 Lee RanaldoAngles and XTina As I Knew Her.

Tied To The Mast – an excellent band of my acquaintance (OK, one of them is my boyfriend), who are very cool and you should investigate here.

Also some Jack Lucan – my magical and brilliant friend, who you can find out more about here.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is always good.

Perennial old favourites always going on in my house and my head for inspiration: Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell

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