lundi 2 septembre 2013

All The Great Women

I was just thinking - for no good reason but my own amusement, as I do - how I might sum up the most inspiring women in my life in one sentence or less, based upon their best quality.  It's fun; I recommend it.  I found it hard to do on myself - I hope that's due to perspective rather than just a general lack.

Here they are.  Maybe you'll recognise yourself or someone you know.

Stronger than she will ever know or even suspect.

Trojan horse.

The actual sweetest girl that ever lived.

Wise beyond her years, but childlike in the best ways.

She once said that she would sacrifice her own happiness for mine if she could, and I believe her.

She could, literally, talk to anyone.

Just thinking about her cheers me up.

You could bet the farm on her.

She has never pitied herself for even a second, even when she would have been entitled to do so.

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