jeudi 19 septembre 2013

Some Pointless Facts

·      I love skiing and ice skating but am crap at all other sports.
·      But I go running every day because I find it’s good for my brain.
·      Swimming outside is my favourite thing in the world, but I am a really slow swimmer.
·      I read about three books a week.
·      I get very grumpy if I am not well fed.
·      I have to wear glasses for watching TV and driving.
·      I did not learn to drive until I was 28 years old, and even then only in an automatic.
·      I can fit my whole fist in my mouth.
·      I am quite short: 5’4”.  (Well, technically 5’4½” but I always think people who bang on about an extra half inch must be very insecure.)
·      Thus, my nickname among some friends is ‘Pony’, which is funny because my shaman tells me that my power animal is a grey horse.
·      I invariably cry with joy at a certain point in ‘The Frog Song’ by Paul McCartney.
·      I am a Gemini.
·      I like to sing while I am cooking even though I am a very bad singer.  (My mum gets cross with me because I literally cannot do a harmony.  Incidentally I also cannot do impersonations in any way whatsoever.)
·      I enjoy good grammar and have an excellent memory.
·      My current favourite place in the world is Istanbul; I would currently most like to go to Cadaques.
·      I am not a vegetarian, even though everyone seems to think I look like one.  I fear this may be an insult.
·      I really overthink things and write too many pointless lists.

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