jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Not cool.

Occasionally, I will wake up with an essential burning question in my head.

Today: Hmm, I wonder what Dido is up to lately?

I never said I was cool.  And obviously such questions take on disproportionately major importance when I have lots of work and Actually Important Stuff to do.

However, my Googling efforts threw up this song, which I had entirely forgotten about and which I actually think is really great.  You know, in an of-the-moment, slightly dated sort of a way.  It has a morning-after sadness to it that still appeals to me a lot - see also Central Reservation by Beth Orton.

I seem to remember that it was in a film or TV programme when I was at university.  (Although I just Googled that, and apparently it was something called Roswell, of which I have literally no recollection.)  Oh well, at least that put a stop to my Googling black hole of a morning...

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