jeudi 31 décembre 2015

New sh*t.

I just came back from my traditional new year's eve run in brand-new Christmas-present leggings (thanks to my sister).  It was sunny, then cold, and then I got rained on and I picked up a pretty stone, and some jolly people said 'happy new year' and then I nearly got run over - bit like 2015 in microcosm form, maybe?!

Anyway.  I ran through the front door and this song was playing on the radio.  I hope it's a sign for 2016.  Maybe.

(MSCL has nothing to do with it, but Angela is so sweet.)

This year is ending completely differently to how I thought/hoped it would.  To everyone for whom this is the case today, I will be burning sage, drinking Champagne and saying a little prayer for us all.

Then again, last year ended a bit differently to how I expected it to as well - you'd think I might have learned my lesson by now.  Against all better judgement, I remain unshakeable in my faith that 2016 will be the best year yet.  Maybe.

So, here's to old endings, new beginnings, exciting possibilities and the triumph of hope over experience.  Right?

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