lundi 21 mars 2016

Heading for a spin

I must have listened to this song 20 times last night.  In my cycle of obsessions, Patti is currently it.  I am wearing my new Patti Smith jumper as I write.

This version is pretty great, but lately I have been listening to the first two songs of Wave on a loop - Frederick followed by this one. I am in danger of wearing out my record and my neighbours probably hate me.

Dancing (not actually barefoot as it's still bloody freezing, but in my Turkish slippers) around the kitchen, burning some incense that I bought yesterday in a witchy shop in the Lanes, sometimes it occurs to me that I am probably closer to the person I was when I was 13 to the person I was when I was 33.

This was one of the first ever records I bought on vinyl. On my birthday once, a long time ago.

When she sings (repeatedly) oh god I fell for you, it sounds like it's with a mixture of rapture and resignation.  To me, anyway.  It reminds me of a therapist I once had who questioned the language we use when we talk about 'falling in love'. She opined that you can fall into 'admiration' of someone, but that to actually fall in love should not be falling at all. It's a decision, and we must take responsibility; she argued until she was practically blue in the face that it is not the mystical falling I like to think it is.  She was probably right. I'm going with Patti, though.

Maybe it's not so much falling as spinning, just like in this song.  I spin so ceaselessly.

Anyway, it's a song that makes me want to do a shamanic dance, fall into a Victorian swoon and then fall madly in love and make great art. I am only hampered today by a bandaged left thumb, after a stupid incident at the weekend involving a carving knife, a wine bottle and only myself to blame.

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