mercredi 14 septembre 2011


You can probably make a good guess at my fondness for the monogram solely by my incessant use of the moniker ‘ECW’ in lieu of anything else, wherever possible.

My mug at work has a lovely typographic red ‘E’, as much for the aesthetic as so that nobody else dares to use my cup.  A prized recent purchase was a 1930s nightgown, embroidered with the monogram ‘EC’ – how incredible is that (I mean, what are the odds?)?  I bought my laptop because, among other reasons, it is emblazoned with an ‘E’.  I love Roger Federer as much as Anna Wintour does, based mostly on his monogrammed cardigans.  What a stylish man.

So, with this obsession duly underway, my question today is – what else can I monogram?

I am fixated on the idea of having some personalised stationery made.  Maybe with my name on notepaper and just a monogram on the envelope?  I’ve been looking into this for some time and have found that a) most of them are boring, and b) it’s effing expensive.  Does anyone know of some super-cool reasonably-priced company that does beautiful personalised stationery?

I would love some monogrammed linen in my life – maybe an ECW pillowcase for me to dribble all over.  Actually, considering my serious nocturnal dribbling problem, this is probably not the best idea.  File this under ‘in parallel dream life’, then.

Most of all, I covet personalised Louis Vuitton luggage.  Ever since I saw a vintage example at the Maison some time ago, this has been the monogram dream.  Imagine, a beautiful classic case hand-painted with one’s initials or, better yet, coat of arms!

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