lundi 5 septembre 2011


As you know, I am stupidly excited about ticking into autumn.  While most people get all enthused about bare legs and sandals, I feel the same about coats and tights and long-sleeved velvet minidresses.

I also get pretty happy when my lunches – I make a packed lunch for myself every day – can transition from salads to soups.  Although I do my best to make it interesting, there is only so much that you can do with a salad – usually I jazz things up on a Friday with some avocado or artichoke, but that’s as exciting as it gets.

When it comes to soup, there’s a whole world of possibility.  My hand-held blender is one of my most useful possessions.

My favourite types fall into two categories – silkily blended chunky vegetables (like butternut squash or parsnip), or Thai-style thin broth with lovely soothing noodles and little vegetables like sugarsnap peas or mini corn floating in there.

I already can’t wait for a winter of nutritious and yummy soup!  I like it super spicy and hot, especially after a chilly run along the beach.

If you do, too – here is my very easy recipe for pumpkin soup, first published on my mum’s brilliant blog!


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