mardi 20 décembre 2011

Living The Life

I love it when Favourite Things come together.  Namely, two ladies whom I love separately and equally joining together in predictably witty conversation.  Two wommen I have long admired and would like to be friends with.

Fay Weldon and Caitlin Moran, in conversation on fancy sofas on the Sky Arts programme 'Living The Life'.  Basically, just talking for a while.

I fully recommend it if you can get hold of it.  In the meantime, here are my highlights:

Fay says that girl children never fully trust their mothers!

Caitlin says that she never would have found a boyfriend in a world pre-The Smiths!  Or REM.

Fay's second husband didn't like her writing because he didn't like the sound of a typewriter!  Or was it all a ruse to stifle her creativity?

Caitlin says boys just want you to wear a T-shirt and eat  cornflakes!

I agree with basically all that they said.  In fact, I wish I could have joined in.  Or that they could have just kept talking all night.  At my kitchen table.  With me.  And a bottle of wine and an olive.

You get it.

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