mercredi 28 décembre 2011

2011 in shorthand: Cinema

I haven't been to the cinema nearly enough this year.  Trawling through my diary for the things I've seen on the big screen - which means I may well have missed loads of them - this year's outings included:

Black Swan
The first thing I saw at the pictures this year, and possibly the best.  I loved how it divided the audience into those who were spellbound and those who were lol-ing.  I was in the first category - unsurprising, as I think you'd have a hard time cramming more Stuff I Love into one film.

Royal Wedding
Yes, I went to see it at my local cinema.  I turned up at 9am with my friend Kirsten, ate snacks, drank Champagne, sobbed continuously, and then went for breakfast afterwards.  A great day.

A new favourite - I love Kristen Wiig, and this was such smart writing that I may as well have been watching myself on the screen (I have been a bridesmaid A LOT).  I know many feminists who had misgivings - I don't really care, it made me laugh and it felt positive and  it had Wilson Philips.

Harry Potter
I always think I don't like Harry Potter, until I do.  Always a nice one to see in a crowded theatre - we all stood up and cheered for Hot Neville.

X-Men: First Class
A surprise entry into my favourite films of all-time.  Jane Goldman's influence was obvious, which was mostly what made this so cool and 60s-pop as well as action-classic.  I love how the X-Men films use incongruously great actors, which elevates the entire proposition - McAvoy and Fassbender were awesome.

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