lundi 16 avril 2012

The Decorated Hole

For some reason, I was thinking about this today.

"The Decorated Hole" was a play I wrote at the age of 13 - mostly on a family holiday in Spain, longhand in red Biro and a spiral notebook.

"The Decorated Hole" was also the name of the fictional tattoo/piercing parlour where the play was set. Genius name, no?

So, it was a hipster-mystery ("hipstery" - have I totally invented a genre?) about the staff of the 'Hole, their hipster musician mates, and (get this!) a conspiracy involving poisoned needles as murder weapon!

I was evidently undeterred by the fact that I had never before set foot in a tattoo (or, for that matter, piercing) parlour in my life. I still think it's rather a cute idea (although I'm not sure, despite the fact that it went on for multiple notebooks, I ever came up with an ending - mostly people just kept dropping dead, they all kept crying at funerals where bands played, then they'd get tattoos of the dead person's name [something like 'Evan' or 'Laine' or 'Troy'] and it would all happen again).

I wish I'd kept a copy. Maybe time for a 2012 version, just for fun?

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