mardi 24 avril 2012


I know it's not cool.  I really, really know.  (That seems to be my caveat for everything - OK, I think we have established by now that I am not cool.)  But I really, really love Zumba.

This is not a new thing; in fact, I suspect that Zumba may be sooooo 2011.  However, I am just back from a class and wanted to share my joy.

It is so much fun.  I laugh my way through the entire class, whilst getting many of the moves wrong and not caring in the slightest.  I pretty much guarantee that you could have had the worst day ever (within reason) and it would cheer you right up.

Seriously.  I also noted whilst dancing tonight that it is one of the few occasions when I really love the fact that I have a slightly disproportionately large bottom half.  So, there's that.  Another reason why it should be given out on the NHS, basically.

I go with my friend Camilla, to a class down the road from me taught by a brilliant woman called Sherryn.  It is honestly the best fun that it is possible to have exercising, and I am saying this as one of the world's most miserable bitches.

So, thanks Zumba for cheering up my life!

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