samedi 21 avril 2012

Sunny Saturday Mixtape

So, it's a sunny Saturday morning here in Brighton.  I have been for a run and then home for a breakfast burrito and a cup of tea.  Later I will be going to the pub with some lovely friends  haven't seen for ages.  Good times.

As such, here is a mixtape of my favourite songs to listen to on such a day, preferably with the windows open and singing along loudly.  As Saturday is also often my day for household chores, these also work pretty well while you push a Hoover about, but I may give that a miss today.

ELLIOTT SMITH bled white
JONI MITCHELL free man in paris
BLONDIE island of lost souls
MADONNA nothing fails
MADONNA secret
PIXIES here comes your man
REM imitation of life
NO DOUBT artificial sweetener
VERUCA SALT volcano girls
HOLE malibu
PRINCE strollin'

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