vendredi 29 juin 2012

Go Tracy Go

A worrying development.  I recently decided that I need to add some strength/toning work to my exercise regime, as cardio alone is not going to sort out the fact that, despite being small, I am quite, um, jiggly.

So, I bought the Tracy Anderson Method DVDs.  I know.  Like Gwyneth*, I’ll be Country Strong in no time, right?

I just wasn’t prepared for how obsessed with her I would get.  Seriously, she’s fascinating.  Like some kind of miniature, speeded-up, Trojan horse, Malibu Fitness Barbie, I can’t actually believe she’s real.

She’s amazing.  My boyfriend thinks she’s terrifying (‘she looks like one of those Olsen twins, not a real person’) and she is, but she can hop about like a mad thing and do crazy things with her arms and weights like nothing I have ever seen before.

It remains to be seen whether this new regime will give me the ‘teeny-tiny dancer’s body’ (like Nicole Richie’s!) that Tracy seems to be completely obsessed with – especially as she recommends doing the DVD six days a week, and I think I could manage two or three in addition to running (which Tracy makes a point of saying she does not recommend) – but I could watch her all the live-long day.

I’ve decided to try a little experiment – between now and the end of August, when I am due to go away to Ireland and Spain, I will follow the Tracy Anderson Method as closely as I can manage, and see if it works.  I’ll keep you posted.

* Oh, and Goop?  In your little interview in the commentary, when you say things like ‘I know some women who say [whiny voice] “oh I don’t have time to exercise, I work and I have kids” – [clipped voice] um, well, so do I, but I choose to make it a priority’.  This is why people don’t like you.

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