vendredi 22 juin 2012


So, after my last post, this morning it was announced that Giovanni Ribisi married stupidly-named model Agyness Deyn.  That would be Chan Marshall's boyfriend Giovanni Ribisi.

Yep, in another weird manifestatioon of afore-mentioned pattern, he lived with Chan Marshall for years, then within two months has met and married a new lady.

Now (although I don't want to start some sort of unnecessary celeb-bashing snark), I really do not like Agyness Deyn and never have (I think she's a pretentious thicko, frankly - a bad combination), whereas Chan Marshall is one of my all-time heroines, so I may be biased, but - shit.

The only plus being that somehow, out of all this, she has finished her new album 'Sun'.  She says she feels 'lucky' that she managed it, despite it all.  I can only imagine.

If this is any indication, we're lucky too.

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