mercredi 6 janvier 2016

January - not only a Jacqueline Susann heroine

Hello, January.  You've been around a while now, but I am still coming to terms with you.  I am kind of torn between being glad that Christmas/New Year is all over, versus a very begrudging 'bloody January again' mentality.  Getting up in the dark is not fun; roll on the spring.

That said, it was a lovely New Year's Eve.  One of the nicest I can remember ever having, in fact.  It was simple and fun, involving a very favourite friend (aka The Wife), record shopping, fizz, cocktails, pizza and a kitten.  And some interpretative dancing to Joanna Newsom, always a must.

And, yes, now it's January again.  No big resolutions from me - minus perhaps some vague attempts to be less 'cool girl' plus a bit healthier.  I've started 2016 off the booze, but also off the running, as my sinuses appear to have been hijacked by a slimy monster - interesting stuff, I know.  I'm doing a 10K at the end of January, so I need to get back on the running, at least.

However, in further evidence that middle age surely beckons, I find myself more excited about the country walk I am planning for Saturday than I am about most nights out.

As January is a month for hibernation, I have also resurrected my on/off romance with Netflix, which I think may currently be my most meaningful relationship.  I have recently watched The Babadook, Coherence and Frank (all very excellent and recommended), as well as a lot of vintage episodes of 3rd Rock From The Sun (still funny).

In other news, I am still obsessed (OBSESSED) with Star Wars, and looking forward to seeing The Hateful Eight.

This morning on the train, I finished Chrissie Hynde's memoir.  She is very, very cool.  In fact, my only criticism of the book would be that she is perhaps a little too cool.  Still worth a read, though.

Here she is being cool.  And with an apt title for current back-to-school feelings.  Oh, and excellent fringe - although I shall perhaps explain at a later date my ongoing personal issues when it comes to Chrissie Hynde and her fringe).

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