mardi 27 mars 2012

Mixtape - Sad, sad songs

I should clarify: these are sad songs for when you really want to stay sad.  I may post an alternative mix for when you are ready to Get Over It and Kick Arse.

But there's a  place for wallowing, for thinking that this is the worst thing in the world that has ever happened to anyone in the history of forever and your heart will never be mended.  This is where it lives.

Each of these is inextricably linked to a sad moment in my own life, and I may cry whilst writing them down.  Then listen to them all, and drink, heavily.

LEONARD COHEN: famous blue raincoat
PJ HARVEY: angelene*
JOHN PARISH & PJ HARVEY: that was my veil
CAROLE KING: so far away
JEFF BUCKLEY: lover, you should have come over
MARIANNE FAITHFULL: the mystery of love
CAT POWER: good woman
NICK CAVE: west country girl
TORI AMOS: little earthquakes
MARY-LOU LORD: camden town rain
NICO: these days
NIRVANA: penny royal tea (unplugged)
JEWEL**: you were meant for me
PLACEBO: without you i'm nothing
HOLE: northern star
HOLE: dying
NO DOUBT: don't speak***
PEARL JAM: nothing man****
BRIGHT EYES: it's cool we can still be friends
EVAN DANDO: if i could talk i'd tell you
LISA LOEB & NINE STORIES: stay (i missed you)
KYLIE MINOGUE: put yourself in my place*****

That is A LOT of songs - man, I'm a miserable bastard...

* actually, most of the album 'Is This Desire?' fits the bill nicely, as I discovered in spring 2003 ('2000 miles away/he walks upon the coast').
** she did some good songs, ok? (and some embarrassing crap.)
*** one simply cannot be cool when one is this broken-hearted.
**** yet another song I love by a band I actually hate.
***** this is not a joke.

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