dimanche 4 mars 2012


I've had a really productive weekend.  Yesterday I did the parkrun with my friend Camilla; I've done lots of reading and film watching; I made some excellent breakfast burritos today AND yesterday; today, I've done a ton of work on my manuscript.

Now, I am feeling pleased with myself and a shepherds pie is being made for me.

One thing I have also done a lot of is look at Rookie.  I expect you know all about Rookie and Tavi and all the rest of it, but if you don't then I implore you to get yourself over there now.  It's like the perfect balance between a girl-friendly glossy magazine like Bust and an actual scrapbooky fanzine from the mid-90s.  Which is to say it speaks to me on all levels, basically.

And as my manuscript is a YA project, I can tell myself it's all for 'research' and part of the hard work.

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