mardi 31 décembre 2013


2013 has been the best and worst year of my life.  'Rollercoaster' is not only a dreadful cliche, but also doesn't even begin to cover it.

To the forefront has been some terrible family anguish that at times I honestly didn't think we would make it through.

But as well as that...  I bought my first house.  I published a novel and a novella.  I am ending the year feeling closer than ever to the friends and family I still have left.

I got a tattoo.  I went to Istanbul, my new favourite place in the world.

I went to see a shaman.

I went mental and came out the other side.

I went to Portugal and to Edinburgh and Lindisfarne.

Things are better now than they were in January.  Or February, or March.

I am looking forward to 2014.

(Not really a plug, but I would like to say that I also had the great privilege of writing a bit about all of this for my very favourite Elle magazine, in their January issue - a lovely start to 2014.)

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