mardi 24 décembre 2013


I am thinking in advance about New Year's Resolutions.

I am a fan of anything that lets you imagine that you can reinvent yourself.  I love being full of good intentions.  As ever, 'the triumph of hope over experience' is a great thing.

Here are mine:

  • See more of the faraway friends who I truly love.  This one is always top of the list, to be honest, but it can't hurt to keep trying.
  • Fitness drive in January that will hopefully last into the year - I've been feeling the need to step and/or shake things up.
  • Stop hate-looking at the internet.  This is a big one that has been playing on my mind.  I'm going to attempt to give up the Mail Online sidebar of shame.  I'm going to stop looking at oh-so-perfect blogs by slightly annoying girls who make me scowl.
  • This time next year, my house will be (if not completed) then at least getting there.  It will be a beautiful place to live.  We will thus have a 'proper' grown up Christmas, with decorations and cosy gatherings.  I will also hopefully have a cat.

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