lundi 16 décembre 2013


Hello, friends.  I have been pretty quiet on the social networkz etc of late.

I have been insanely busy with various things, mostly living in a building site and laid low with a particularly nasty cold (sounds feeble, I know, but it turns out a cold can be bad enough to knock you out for the best part of a week).

I am sort of looking forward to Christmas, in my usual (ambivalent, disorganised) way.  I am mostly looking forward to having a couple of solo days off between Christmas and new year, in which I intend to potter, strip some wallpaper, do some painting (walls, not, like, watercolours), to a soundtrack of Absolute 80s on my digital radio, and preferably with a glass of whisky and a Chocolate Orange to hand at all times.

It's not even that close to Christmas yet, and already there seem to be mince pies happening every day and booze every night.  Funny, I didn't like mince pies as a child but now I am rather partial to them.  Also, I have recently developed anew fondness for sherry (there was nothing else to drink in the house, and this turned out to be a happy accident).  Just the latest step along the path to Becoming My Grandmother.  No bad thing.

Hope you're all enjoying December and possibly a Christmas jumper.

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