samedi 20 août 2016

And never miss a chance to kiss me.

I don't have many thoughts in my head right now.  Just feelings and songs floating about, really.

This one is summery and joyous, as (at time of writing) am I.

It's funny, according to the Internet, this song came out in January 2000.  However, I would have *sworn* (straight up and down until I was blue in the face) that it came out during a summer.  My memories of it are all sun-dappled and dreamy.

It's a silly pop song, of course, but I couldn't agree more: you must decide to risk your heart for love to find you.

Today is my mum's birthday, and I am joyous to get to spend the whole weekend with my family.  Definitely my favourite thing in the whole world to do.

Happy birthday to the staunchest woman I know!

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