mardi 16 août 2016

At the kitchen table

It’s hardly possible that there could be more of a pile-up of my favourite Sunday morning things than Jilly Cooper’s appearance on Desert Island Discs a couple of weeks ago.  I have listened to it several times since, and it does not fail to bring me a total joy about the world.

I want to live in Jolly Super World, where everyone is ‘terribly sweet’ and we all have a lovely time (but it’s OK to be bitchy).  We all know that I’m basically Janey Lloyd-Fox and that’s where I belong best.

On DID, Jilly delighted me by choosing a Bob Marley song – rationale: because her favourite thing to do is to get drunk with her (adult) children and dance about the garden to Bob Marley.

My mum came to visit me in Brighton at the weekend.  We drank rosé on the beach in the sunshine, then drank more around my kitchen table singing along to records.  Total heaven.  As Jilly might say.  I am very lucky.

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